When selling sponsorships the lack of lead time will show. You need to give your sponsor enough time to make their own plan to leverage the opportunity.

So, how does that translate into time? That all depends on if it is a first time event; how much money you need to raise and do you already have the needed relationships established?

If it is a first time event and you are relying on the sponsorship monies to generate revenue in order to be profitable you had best begin yesterday. Seriously, the sooner the better. There is a lot of competition out there and it’s your job to sell the sponsor on why your event is the one for them.

By following my blog I will share with you what I have learned about sponsorship sales, creating a sponsorship package, event planning and much more.


EVENT PLANNING | Looks so easy



On the contrary it’s not, but that is BIGGEST complement that can be paid to an Event Planner when outsiders think your work looks easy.

In most cases an Event Planner breaks the event into segments and puts together a team of specialist to work on a specific piece of an event.  The delegation of work sets the foundation for the event. The flow of communication is what helps to prevent oversights.  Once that is in place, the Event Planner takes the lead while continually monitoring every bit of the event plan to be certain that nothing falls through the cracks.  It takes a Big Thinker to be a successful Event Planner.  Someone with good leadership, communication and juggling skills. 

So while an Event Planner may make it look easy, the truth is it’s not, but thanks for the complement that is exactly what we are hoping to hear.