Connections…the ride carries on


atimetowriteSome of you may remember and were involved in an event I worked on a few years back, Ride For Their Lives. Friends and family from across the county helped in so many different ways. I thought I would share two stories that relate back to the ride.

Not long before that ride a childhood friend and her family were killed in a horrific car crash. At our first stop, Buffalo, two other childhood friends,Amy Wiedenbeck Nash & Lisa Sweet, helped to organize the event. When the event was over there was a wreath and stand that were donated that we gave to Amy to take to the grave site. Amy just saw that the family still uses the stand and changes the flowers seasonally.

Some of you may have noticed yesterday’s picture I posted with my journal. If you look in the background there is a cup of coffee on a coaster. That isn’t just any coaster, it was a gift from a St. Louis U.S. Marshal, John Perryman, the lovely, Janis McCall, connect us with. John was so helpful to the ride and so passionate about helping children. Sadly and tragically he was killed in the line of duty just a few months later. Every time I sit down at my desk, I think of John.

…connections that carry on.


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